Barricaded Man Surrenders in Goshen

GOSHEN, Ore. — Lane County sheriff’s deputies responded to a man barricaded inside his home in Goshen.

It all started Thursday morning when deputies tried to do a welfare check at the 52 year-old man, Bart Swancoat’s home.

When deputies approached the house, Swancoat walked out with a gun then barricaded himself inside the house. Deputies say they closed Hampton Road during the stand-off.

“We blocked off the road for the safety of the residents that live in the area or were traveling on the road. Because firearms were involved, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t have any community members coming in up and down this section of the road,” said Sgt. Steve French, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Swancoat was transported to the Lane County Jail. He’s charged with menacing, disorderly conduct, and pointing a firearm at another.


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  1. musicman60 says:

    one more time the cope entering a home without a warrent and calling it a welfare check the commumest way of breaking and entering

  2. musicman60 says:

    sounds like the cops were menacing and on his property he has a right to have a gun the cops were on invited by him so they were trespassing

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