Bars and Restaurants Prep For Bowl Game

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EUGENE, Ore. — With the Alamo Bowl just two days away, local bars and restaurants are preparing for a rush from fans who will cheer for their team back here at home.

The Wild Duck Cafe says it is expecting nothing short of a full house on Monday. The restaurant is already prepping for a big rush.

General manager at the campus location, Jeff Brown, says prep for big events like this actually starts weeks in advance, from scheduling staff to making sure food is in stock.

He says communication is also important between him and the staff because it helps everything run smoother and provides fans with a better experience.

“We have so many staff members. Everyone needs to know what they’re responsibilities are and excel in their responsibility within those realms and it really works well,” said Brown.

He expects the crowd to start pouring in a couple of hours before game time Monday night and stay until the end.

Brown says the Wild Duck Cafe is bringing down the full size projector to go along with several TV’s. Also, reservations will not be taken on Monday to better accommodate fans and customers.

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