BBB Receives Magazine Mailing Complaints

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. — The Better Business Bureau is warning about a Northwest-based company that’s been sending questionable magazine subscription billings and renewal notices to people all over the country.

Some of the subscriptions were never ordered or were already prepaid directly to the publishers, the BBB said.

BBB says it received 130 complaints since September 2011 about Liberty Publishers Service Inc. of Medford and White City, Ore. It says the company operates under more than 50 different business names, including Publishers Payment, Publishers Billing, Circulation Billing Services and United Publishers Services.

Click here for a list of tips from BBB if you receive unexpected mailings, postcards or invoices.

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  1. Paul says:

    These Magazine people are down in Medford, Oregon. And, they live quite ‘high off the hog’ as you might imagine. The two or three at the top treat themselves very very well.. the rest seem to eek out a so-so living. It’s a bizarro world isn’t it?

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