BBBS Faces Financial Hardship

EUGENE, Ore. — Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lane County found itself in a financial crisis and had to make some changes to its organization.

The organization says major changes were made recently to avoid losing the organization all together.

The CEO just stepped down, and a couple of other staffers had to be let go because of the financial situation.

Over the past few months there’s been a decline in federal funding, as well as some of the local grants that this organization relied upon. That being said, Big Brothers Big Sisters managers say they hope the recent changes will allow the group to continue.

“It is certainly difficult to go through a difficult time, and it taxes a lot of the resources that we need to rely on to get through this time, but it’s all in the hope and belief that we can come back to that place of joy,” said Peter Thorsson, BBBS Board President.

The organization is having an open house at its Eugene office so it can get out in front of these problems. It wants to be open with donors because it says there have been a lot of rumors circulating. The organization hopes its new vision will better incorporate the entire community.

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  1. ahshucks says:

    The program does not work simalar to START program. They need to shut down both programs. My sisters son had a big brother for a long period of time. He has never held a job and is a boozer. The program is a complete wast of money.

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