BCS Keeps Ducks in Fourth Place

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s typical for every college football fan to think their team should be ranked higher in the BCS rankings, but Ducks fans in particular are feeling that this week, as Oregon is ranked number four for the second week in a row–a ranking fans see as too low.

The fourth place BCS ranking has Duck fans confused. An undefeated season, doing well on the road–it would all add up except for one thing: scheduling.

Yes, strength of schedule does count, but it’s only one of many calculations compiled into each week’s BCS rankings.

The recipe is this: one-third USA Today Coaches Poll, one-third Harris Interactive College Football Poll, and one-third BCS computer rankings.

So even though the Ducks are second in both people polls, the computers rank them fifth based on strength of schedule, win-loss record and home-away record.

While both Kansas State and Notre Dame ranked lower than the Ducks in the people polls they share the number one spot in the computers.

“Of course everybody thinks their team should be higher, that’s part of it. It happens every year and it happens every week,” said Bill Hancock.

Hancock has heard it all, but he says fans should know better than to get worked up over one week’s rankings when there’s so much football left to play.

“People read so much into it before the end of the season. This week is a great example, there’s still five more weekends left of football to go and a lot can happen, a lot will happen,” Hancock said.

With USC, Stanford and OSU on the back end of the Ducks’ schedule, the strength of schedule principle should work to the Ducks’ advantage. That is as long as they keep winning.

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  1. Ron says:

    Thats where they belong..Lets see what they do the rest of their season.
    Kansas or Dame defense is so much better than the ducks. Look at it this way….they could lose ro OSU :-)

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