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Nothing is more critical to a child’s success in life than the ability to read.  Many children don’t have books of their own, making it hard for them to read, learn and succeed.


KEZI 9 News and ABC are partnering with First Book and SMART to share the power of storytelling. By putting brand new books into the hands of children in need in our community, we will be sharing the gift of reading and inspiring them to write a better tomorrow. Over 8 million books will be given away nationwide by Disney Publishing.


Visit www.FirstBook.org/BeInspired for more information!





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  1. barbara george says:

    Please donate books to the Cesar E. Chavez Smart program. Thank you.

  2. Christine Brothers says:

    My mom is eighty-two years old, she has participated in the Smart Program at Sutherlin East Primary School. she has taken much delight in helping children learn to read. She shares her cute stories with me all the time. I would like to nominate Sutherlin East Primary School in your be inspired contest.

  3. emily wheeler says:

    Coburg community charter school could absolutely use the books! Since they got dropped from 4j and started out fresh as a charter school a few years ago, They rely heavily on used recycled donated books to add to the library and now it is becoming a school that is housing middle school aged kids, as well as elementary, which will require more appropriate reading levels and material. Other funds come from fundraising, a lot of times out of the own pockets of parents. We could really use some extra help! Please…. all votes to Coburg community charter school!! Thank you!

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