Beating the Heat

EUGENE, Ore. — It is starting to look a lot like summer time in western Oregon.

Lane County residents looked for ways to beat the hottest temperature of the year Sunday, which hit 91 degrees in Eugene.

Jarrel Moore and her son visited the Splash and Play water park in Washington Park.

“We are here because it is a hot one. It is fun to be a part of the community this way. He makes so many friends. It is just a beautiful day,” said Moore.

Ducks also took in the rays today at Alton Baker Park.

Dogs were enjoying the summer sun at the Armitage Dog Park.

“She is a quarter golden retriever and three quarters miniature poodle. If there is water or a mud puddle, she is going in,” said dog owner Evelyn Anverton.

The warm weather is going to stick around for the next several days, so Lane County residents say bring it on.

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