Beaver Mania!

CORVALLIS, Ore.– The city of Corvallis is bleeding orange. After sending Indiana packing in a nail-biting game Wednesday night, fans are hoping for another win tomorrow against Mississippi State.

“We’re just hoping and praying we can come through with another win tomorrow, right? Whooo go beavs!” said fan Jennifer Kearney.

Fan Cassie Brandt says her son Spencer is a superstitious fan.

“Our son Spencer is a huge fan and what I didn’t know about baseball is how superstitious it is, so he’s making sure he wears the same clothes, the same hat, every single game,” said Brandt.

Superstition, prayers, and fingers crossed- fans are doing whatever it takes! They want the boys in orange to know, they’re rooting for the team every step of the way.

“I just want to tell them we are with them every single moment. We believe!” said Brandt.


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