Beavers Fall In NCAA Regional Opener

Courtesy: Oregon State Sports Information

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Senior pitcher Marina Demore threw seven effective innings and freshman Christie Langlois had her first career multi-hit game, but Hofstra scored the only runs of the game in a two-run fifth inning en route to a 2-0 win Friday afternoon in the opening game of the NCAA Regional.

The Beavers (33-23) posted hits in each of their first four at-bats but couldn’t push a run across against Hofstra starter Olivia Galati. She came in with 37 wins and a 1.39 ERA, but Oregon State showed little fear as center fielder Lea Cavestany led off the game with a single to center. A line-drive double play ended that frame, but the Beavers again threatened in the second and fourth with Langlois playing a central role in each.

In the second, her one-out single followed a leadoff hit by first baseman Natalie Hampton. With two on and one out, though, the Beavers couldn’t scratch out another hit. In the fourth, Langlois followed Desiree Beltran’s hit-by-pitch with a lined single to left. With Mollee Schwegler pinch-running for Beltran, the runners were able to move into scoring position on a sacrifice bunt by Ya Garcia. But a pop to second base ended the inning to leave the game scoreless.

Demore matched Galati zero-for-zero through the first four innings. But Hofstra (44-11) loaded the bases without hitting a ball terribly hard against Demore to lead off the fifth. After a pop to Santana got the first out, a double to right center broke the tie and turned into the eventual game-winning runs.

Demore went seven full, scattering seven hits while walking just two and striking out one. The Beavers now await the loser of the Missouri-Stony Brook contest for a 2:30 meeting tomorrow afternoon.


Opening Statement….

“I don’t have a lot to say other than the obvious. In this game you have to do the little things or you don’t win. It’s plain and simple; we had too many flyballs, too many strike-outs.”

On the challenges going forward….

“We have to be less tentative. We don’t have time for tentativeness. I don’t know what these girls are waiting for. You win or you go home, and our backs are against the wall – we have to play better.”


On Hofstra’s offensive performance….

“I think they did a good job. They put the bat on the ball and had some timely hitting.”

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  1. Vetzero says:

    I went to the UO ballpark today before the game……a regular

    season game where special events can be planned beforehand

    and carried out.

    Asked one of the PK Park employees and one in the ticket

    booth what day it was and they told me…Saturday, May 18.

    Close, but, not quite.

    It’s Armed Forces Day, all over the country, except here…..you

    know, Armed Forces Day ?, 3rd Saturday in May ?…servicemen

    and women ? veterans ? We’re still at war overseas, servicemen

    and women are still being killed by the enemy, everybody

    forget that fact ?

    Not one ticket admission discount offered at the ticket booth

    for service personel or veterans, no idea if anybody in the

    category of having served in the Armed Forces for this country

    will even be mentioned today…at all…(they weren’t)

    Maybe they will say something, or did, during the game or the

    middle of the 7th inning ? (they didn’t)…I didn’t stick around

    to find out.

    Not one word about this from the play by play radio

    sportscasters broadcasting the game that I’m aware of.

    (thanks for nothing KZEL and your sister sports station)

    Found a baseball on the ground outside the ball park, hadn’t

    been there long, it wasn’t wet on this soggy day. I gave it to

    the PK park employee and asked him to read what was on it.

    He looked and I asked him where the ball was made and then I

    said, “Made in China’.

    Do the Chinese play baseball ? …he said, yes.

    One of America’s favorite sports and we play it using Chinese

    sports products…..wonder how many Americans don’t have a

    job making baseballs because of this business practice ?

    How many more American servicemen and women will die

    overseas today ? (God, I pray, none, but the day isn’t over

    yet)…, here in Eugene ? , we’ll never know except maybe day

    after tomorrow…., we’re too busy scratching our as_s , getting

    drunk, getting wasted, protesting, hooking up and playing with

    our Chinese baseballs….etc, etc, etc.

    I went home before the first pitch……I’ll listen to the game to

    see if Veterans and Servicemen get an ‘honorable mention’…

    (nope, not one word of recognition during the whole game

    from start to end, and, UO gets blown out 9-0, sufficent

    payback for such disrespect, Oregon State will probably go on

    to take the series, we’ll see)

    Maybe servicemen/women/veterans recognition and/or

    honors will come on Memorial Day in the graveyards across

    town this Memorial Day ? (well after the College baseball

    season in Eugene is over)…but, I’m not holding my breath.


    “The beatings will continue until morale improves”

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