Beavers Fans Plan Trip to Omaha

CORVALLIS, Ore. – The Oregon State Beavers are getting ready to go to Omaha and the fans are right behind them.

The trip to the College World Series translates into big business for travel agencies.

The Beavers first game is on Saturday, which is just four days away. When it comes to travel, booking at the last minute can be very expensive.

“Oh I’m definitely going to Omaha, when I say all the way I mean it,” said Beavers fan Amro Hagag.

Agents at Teel’s Travel Planners in Corvallis have been working around the clock to book flights and hotels.

“We were receiving emails up to 7:00 this morning, some as late as 12:30 this morning after the victory last night,” said senior travel advisor, Karen Cox.

Getting a flight and game tickets so late in the game won’t be cheap.

“We have seen some airfares as low as $214 one way, if you did it ahead of the curve. As you get behind the curve, those airfares may get up to $400, $600, $700,” said Brad Teel, President of Teel Travel Planners.

“I know on craigslist some of the prices were over $200 on Saturday and Sunday’s game; I want to, but I won’t be able to afford it,” said Beavers fan Tyler Cron.

Travelers need to think about is whether or not to book the full two weeks of the championships. Without knowing how far the beavers will go, agents say the most cost effective option is to book a one way ticket.

“By the time you buy the roundtrip tickets, pay the change fees, plus an increase in airfare, you’re probably better off buying a one way fare home when you’re ready,” Teel said.

Teel also advises to be flexible with travel dates.

For some fans, they say going to Omaha to see the Beavers is priceless

Teel says some other cost effective options are to wait and go a little later in the process, fly a portion of the way and rent a car and drive the rest, or travel by train.

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