Beavers Make It A Slip-N-Slide Saturday

CORVALLIS, Ore.– Oregon State’s fall camp has already included a popsicle break and a water balloon fight. On Saturday, the Beavers capped off week two with a slip-and-slide.

“It’s just a change-up, a little curveball for everybody that gets them out of the box,” said head coach Mike Riley. “It relaxes everybody a bit, and they laugh. Things need to be fun. If it’s not fun for [the players] then we’re in the wrong deal.”

“[The Slip-N-Slide] is definitely a reflection of how fall camp has been going,” said defensive end Dylan Wynn, “When we’re doing good stuff [in practice], the coaches let us have some fun.”

“This shows Coach Riley — there’s no limit to what he can surprise us with,” said running back Storm Woods, “We’ve been giving it our all out here during fall camp. Double-days, single-days. To be rewarded like this, it’s just a big ‘thank you’ from [Riley]. I love playing for that man.”

“It’s unbelievable,” said freshman safety Brandon Arnold of OSU’s fall camp activities, “I haven’t had fun like this in high school. It’s something different, and real fun. Keeps us on our feet. It’s amazing.”



Oregon State head coach Mike Riley:

Oregon State running back Storm Woods:

Oregon State defensive end Dylan Wynn:

Oregon State safety Brandon Arnold:

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