Bee Die-Off Trees Covered

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Eugene, Ore.– The spray company under fire for spraying illegal pesticides on trees and killing off thousands of bees is working with the Oregon Department of Agriculture to fix the problem.

Glass Tree Care and Spray Service is in the process of covering 17 linden trees with nets on Jacobs Lane in West Eugene. The nets will keep bees away from the trees until the flowers die off and the tree is pesticide free.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture revoked the company’s pesticide license on Friday after it discovered the company used the pesticide that has been outlawed for use on linden trees since last year. Since the bee die off last Tuesday, this usually quiet neighborhood has been buzzing with concern and controversy.

“All month I’ve been hearing, save the bees, it’s bee week, bee month because they’re all coming in to pollinate. Well we wake up to this disaster,” said resident Paula Farrell-Sugg.

“It’s scary because you have animals, you have kids and when the bees are dead, they can still sting,” said another resident, Joan Fargo.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is investigating the case. In the meantime, it has requested the company cover the trees with nets, a solution that will save the trees from being cut down and protect future bees.

“Nets will be up until the flowers are done and that will be 2-3 weeks from now and then the nets will come down and the trees will be fine and the pollinators will be fine after that”, said Dan Hilburn with the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

ODA says the solution is 100% effective, but residents says it will still take some time for the sting to heal.

“I think in time, once the chemicals get off, we’ll have our bees back, we’ll have our ladybugs back, but for now, it’s pretty sad,” said Fargo.

The owner of Glass Tree Care and Service says the incident was a mistake. The company must retake and pass exams and provide a written plan on how it will bring its policies up to standards in order to get a license reinstated.

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