Beer Run Lands Two Men in Jail

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Police say an attempted beer run landed two Corvallis men behind bars.

Corvallis police say Christian Colaci (left) and Alexander Bertsch (right) tried stealing beer from the Safeway off Circle Boulevard this weekend.

A police officer says he saw several men walking toward Applebee’s with a shopping cart full of beer. The officer was suspicious, and that’s when he found Joshua Orr, who was cited and released at the scene.

“They saw the officer and went in behind the Applebee’s restaurant where they stashed the beer and Mr. Orr was hiding in the bushes,” said Lt. Cord Wood, Corvallis Police Department.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office also responded, saying Colaci was waiting in a getaway car.

Police say all three men are facing theft charges for the shopping cart which was worth hundreds of dollars and the $95 worth of beer.

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