Benghazi Protesters Hit Register-Guard

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EUGENE, Ore. — More than 50 protesters flooded the entry of The Register-Guard building this weekend, demanding answers as to why they say the media hasn’t properly covered the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The group, made up of Lane County Republicans, the Oregon Tea Party, veterans and others, says the strike that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans was a coordinated terrorist attack that the Obama administration has yet to address in detail. They also complain that the media is being complicit with the lack of truth telling.

“For the last six days there has been almost no coverage of this. This is a huge scandal, with people that are dead, the questions haven’t been answered, so we’re wondering is this just lie after lie after lie trying to get past the election, or is this a cover up?” said John Kuzmanich, Oregon Tea Party Chairman.

Their effort stems from a national campaign through social media sites.


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  1. wired says:

    the whole Benghazi thing will magically vanish as a big issue on Nov. 6.

    1. Bob Sowdon says:

      Wired, No Sir, this was the tipping point. Benghazi is not about politics. If it was, I want to know by who! This is about transparency. What ever Party is in office, no more lies! If the media can not report the truth as it is revealed, then they should quit. Benghazi to those that have served and are serving our aghast at what transpired in #benghazi that produced #7hoursofhell . We do not leave anybody behind. We do not sent people into harms way unprotected. It is clear that the Council informed this Administration they were insecure, pulling out the Special Operations team a month before when they requested they stay. Inexcusable! To not respond in kind when there was an alert sent to AFICOM for a Rapid Response Unit to deploy, is inexcusable. The stand down orders to trained personal on the ground in Benghazi.. inexcusable. Why did this Administration blame a video for 14 days, including to the UN, when they knew it was not the case.

      Unforgivable! We will not Stand Down till the families and the American people get resolve.

      Expect more to come of peaceful non-political protests that will demand transparency on Benghazi!

  2. Joe says:

    These people were all there apparently, and yet stood by and did nothing. And of course, all are experts on foreign policy in the Mid-East and can easily identify the good guys and the bad guys. And they know that details can be made public while protecting other agents and they know how to do so without outing undercover agents.

    What they should be asking is why the media has been so quiet about the Grover Norquist Pledge. Now that is something I think the media has shortchanged coverage of. The signers should be “outed” in the press and :”outed by the voters” and this country would be a whole lot better off!

    1. Helen says:

      Joe: You are very naive to think that it is OK to hide the facts when it is quite apparent there was a coverup. Obama managed to be in front of TVs the NEXT DAY after the Navy Seals got Bin Laden (if that is even true!). I think he has had sufficient time to get the info that the American people are asking for. He is too busy hob-nobbing with his rap and Hollywood friends rather than doing what he was elected to do.

  3. Helen Fausett says:

    I think it is amazing that KEZI does a story on the protestors, but still provides no reason why the media is giving Obama a pass on all that happened there. It is like the poster above said, this is about TRANSPARENCY. Back in the day, the media would have jumped on this story to get to the truth. Now they have put their desperation to keep their candidate in office ahead of doing good old investigative journalism to find out what really happened. It was obviously a huge debacle, where 4 people died, but apparently it is more important to the media that they keep a Democrat in office than find out what went wrong and whose head should roll.

  4. Claudia says:

    Informative article, exactly what I wanged to

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