Benton County Early Burn Ban

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BENTON COUNTY, Ore.– An early burn ban is in effect in Benton County due to dry conditions. This year has seen an active and early fire season.

“Over the weekend, the state of Oregon had over 36 grass fires that were related to burning,”┬ásaid Corvallis Fire Marshall Jeff Prechel.

The Forest Service has deemed outdoor burning a moderate risk, even without a spark. With an ignition source like backyard burning, the risk becomes extreme. Rural homeowners with piles of brush in their yards add another layer to that risk. Benton County is adding extra dates this month to its free brush chipping service.

“We highly recommend that you take it to be recycled and process it that way. Its better for the air quality, reduces incidents of fire and fire spread,” says Prechel.

The ban is for residential and backyard burning. Recreational burning is still allowed.

“The fire can’t be any more than 3 feet in diameter, 2 feet in height, and there needs to be a way to extinguish the fire.” advises Prechel.

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