Best Shot for Education

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EUGENE, Ore. — Parents have a lot to do, between now and the first day of school: school supplies, clothes shopping and the list goes on.

And health officials want to remind you to add immunizations to that list.

Lane County Public Health and the schools are asking parents to have all vaccination records up to date by the first day of school.

They say it’s key in keeping our kids healthy.

Lane County Public Health Spokesman Jason Davis says there are 11 shots required to attend all elementary, middle and high schools in Oregon.

Those include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Pertussis and Chicken Pox.

Davis says for those parents who are skeptical, countless studies prove vaccine affectiveness.

“There is no government conspiracy to immunize the country for any purpose other than to protect people from the diseases,” said Davis.

For parents who want to opt their children out for medical or religious reasons they’re required this year to watch an informational video about the vaccines before deciding against them.

Davis says some people decide against immunization because there’s information out there that argues the vaccines aren’t safe.

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