Bethel Cuts Ties With HomeSource

EUGENE, Ore. — After years of questionable finances, the Bethel School District cut ties with a school it’s worked with for more than 15 years.

At a meeting Monday, administrators voted 4 to 3 to terminate the HomeSource Family Charter School.

Both sides argued their cases, with Bethel administrators finally deciding to cut ties. Administrators say HomeSource failed to pay into the retirement plan for teachers. The school admitted to making mistakes and offered a permanent solution, but it ultimately wasn’t enough to change the minds of administrators.

“I think the issue for HomeSource here was the startup of this. It appears to be where the initial errors were made in making that connection with PERS was made and…that’s where they had their initial confusion,” said Colt Gill, Bethel School District Superintendent.

HomeSource had been a 16-year partner of the Bethel School District prior to becoming a charter school. It serves mostly homeschool families and those who did not feel like the traditional school system served them well.

The superintendent wanted to stress Monday night’s decision doesn’t mean the school will close. It does have some options, including an appeal.

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  1. Gail Cook says:

    I LOVE HOMESOURCE. My son attended there for his elective classes required for High school graduation. Their classes are top notch and worth what is charged for them. He was allowed to join in on their graduation as well as he was being home schooled and did not have other students to graduate with. They put on a really good graduation ceremony and really care alot about their students. They need to branch off on their own, this will give them the opportunity to do so.

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