Bethel District Sells Surplus Supplies

3-8 bethel surplus saleEUGENE, Ore. — Community members took home old desks, globes, and televisions Saturday afternoon from the Bethel Surplus Sale.

It was the first time the Bethel Education Foundation held this type of fundraiser. Organizers expected to make a few thousand dollars during the sale.

All of the money raised at the sale will go back into the Bethel School District to help pay for classroom supplies and field trips.

“You know it’s just so meaningful when you can put that money back into teachers, parents. You know that it makes a difference for these kids. You know every dollar makes a difference when you’re talking about supplies that kids need or experiences that you want them to have,” said Brooke Cottle, Bethel Education Foundation president.

The foundation will have another fundraiser on May 10th. It’ll be selling compost at schools at throughout the Bethel School District.

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