Bethel Neighbors Frustrated by Graffiti

By Nha Nguyen

EUGENE, Ore. — Bethel neighbors say vandals are targeting area businesses.

A recent rash of graffiti vandalism along West 11th and Bertelson has nearby residents and businesses a bit concerned.

One of the victims was Bella Stone on West 11th.

Taggers hit granite slabs twice in the past few weeks.

Owners say the mess isn’t been too costly or difficult to clean up, but they worry the vandals could get more aggressive.

“It hasn’t been a concern of mine, but people have brought to my attention that that is often signs of increased gang activity, which of course would be bad for our community. I personally have two kids, and I wouldn’t want to live in that environment,” said Bella Stone owner Robert Kortt.

Kortt says neighbors are disgusted by the tagging and just want it to stop.

They hope the vandals get caught soon.

Bella Stone owners say they have security patrolling the area every hour, and their only option now is to possibly install some new security cameras.

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