Bethel Recycling Round Up

4-19 recylcing eventEUGENE, Ore. — Students and teachers collected tons of recyclables at the annual Bethel recycling round-up Saturday.

People brought anything from electronics to mattresses and even vacuum cleaners to Willamette High School.

The electronics will go to Next Step Electronics, and a whole truck full of household items will be headed to St. Vincent De Paul.

The school does this every year to help community members get rid of unwanted items without having to drive across town to donate them.

“We’re helping prevent tons of material from going into the landfill. Last year at this event we recycle 9.5 tons of just electronic items alone,” said David Novak, Willamette High School teacher.

Willamette High School has been labeled a green school and sustainable school because of service projects like this recycling round-up.

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