Bethel Schools Use Levy Funds

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EUGENE, Ore. — It’s been almost a year now since Bethel School District voters passed a bond levy, and that money is already funneling through the schools.

Voters passed a $49.5 million bond measure last year. Part of that will fund two new elementary schools, but it’s also funding wireless Internet and other technology that schools say will make a world of a difference.

The principal at Shasta Middle School says a majority of classes use the computer labs for state assessment testing. And he says their computers are old, freeze and take up instructional time.

But last year, voters in the Bethel School District changed that.

“The whole school district will have all new technology, which is pretty impressive. It’s a big support,” said Brady Cottle, Shasta Middle School Principal.

At Shasta Middle School, they’ll “take out the old technology and put in all new computer labs for the students. So we’ll have about 40 in each of the labs,” Cottle said.

Those should be arriving within the next few weeks. All Bethel schools have wireless Internet this year, too.

Cottle says teachers say that will help to reiterate some of the concepts and learning targets that they’re using in the classroom. He says it’s been a very big help for them.

There are also new locks so teachers can now lock their doors from the inside instead of having to go out and use a key.

All of the improvements and upgrades are directly linked to voters when they overwhelmingly approved last fall’s bond measure.

“To have that kind of support from the community–that they know that education is important–is a pretty big thing,” Cottle said.

The bond is also funding new textbooks in Bethel schools. And they’re also updating their security with new cameras.

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