Bethel Students Visit Tsunami Wave Lab

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Some Shasta Middle School students got a look Wednesday at how damaging tsunamis can be.

They drove to Corvallis to tour the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory at Oregon State University to take part in a tsunami structure challenge.

Kids built their own structures to see if they would survive simulated tsunamis. They saw different sized waves crash over their structures.

“It was cool because it was realistic,” said student Bailey-Anne Williams, who wants to be an engineer. “And you can get a better picture of what it looks like. I think it’s important to study tsunamis because if you want to live by the coast you have to prepare for it.”

Organizers say the experience helps get kids interested in engineering and understanding the importance of tsunami hazards.

“I thought it was kind of crazy to see what it could actually do to houses when the wave actually came,” said student Nicholas Highfill. “It was a lot of fun coming here, and I’d like to come back and do some bigger models.”

Though the center only offers the structure testing once a year, it offers general lab tours year-round. Click here for more information.

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