Bi-Mart Customers Fill Toys for Tots Donation Bins

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Christmas is just five days away, and the holiday will be a little brighter for thousands of local kids thanks to Toys for Tots.

For the past three years when we’ve done our donation drives, the customers at the Mohawk Blvd. Bi-Mart always blow me away with their generosity.¬†Tuesday was no different.

“There’s a great group out here. They’ve supported our store for so long,” said Don Leber of Bi-Mart.

The members who stopped by Tuesday have also supported Toys for Tots for years. Of the stores we do our drives at every year, the Bi-Mart on Mohawk brings out the most donations.

“Just think of all the kids who won’t have all that much of a Christmas, if any at all,” said donor Adam Keefauver.

Veteran Keefauver and his mom came out of Bi-Mart with a cart overflowing with donations.

“Educational fun toys and some of the Army stuff. Got to keep that alive. Then my mom, she got a bunch of girls stuff that I’m not too good at picking out,” Keefauver said.

“We got them from Toys ‘R Us and my dad’s a reseller and he got a lot of extra toys so we can donate them,” said donor Devan Coombes.

Eleven-year-old Coombes brought two bags, filling a bin instantly. She might be young, but she knows the importance of giving.

“It’s pretty cool. I think it’s really cool that a lot of people want to come out and donate,” Coombes said.

“It’s been a great year and what’s fun is our members are so giving, even in these difficult times when people are struggling,” Leber said.

The Christmas spirit also came in the form of one couple who filled not one, but two carts of toys to donate.

“It’s just a real sense of community here in Springfield and they do a great job,” Leber said.

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