Bicycle Hits Eugene School Bus

EUGENE, Ore. — A bicyclist is recovering after a very close call with a school bus near Northwest Expressway and River Road.

Shortly after 11:30 Tuesday morning, investigators say a 21-year-old bicyclist was riding down the street when a Eugene school bus pulled out onto the road from a traffic light.

Fire crews say the bicyclist had no time to react and hit the school bus.

Emergency workers took him to the hospital with minor injuries. No one on the bus was hurt.


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  1. Onda Ferguson says:

    It is very hard to see people on bikes when they come up fast and you are turning, they need to be more alert to what the vehicles intentions may be. I have started to make a right turn several times and suddenly I would catch a glimps out of the corner of my eye and a bicyclist has come up fast and was going straight and only by the grace of God I did not run over them

  2. James says:

    Lot of them do not obey traffic laws.

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