Bidding Process for Dock Removal Ends

NEWPORT, Ore. — Agate Beach is one step closer to being free of tsunami debris.

Six companies submitted bids to get rid of the Japanese dock that washed ashore last week.

Oregon Parks and Recreation managers are reviewing those now.

One bid came from a Springfield company. Statewide Contract Services isn’t one of the closest, but managers say they gave the process a lot of thought.

“We’re more than capable of doing that. I was kind of amazed at how some of the bids that came in were very low. There are a lot of things to deal with that would just drive the cost up,” said Don Hiebert of Statewide Contract Services.

The company says it does an assortment of contract jobs regularly, So this is right up its alley.

Here are the other companies that put in bids to remove the dock:

Liquidvision Technology, Inc.
Klamath Falls, OR

Cedar Creek Quarries
Newport, OR

Ballard Diving & Salvage
Vancouver, WA

Fred Devine Diving & Salvage
Portland, OR

Billeter Marine
Coos Bay, OR

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