Bier Stein Earns Top Spot As A Beer Bar

EUGENE, Ore. — A local pub’s getting national recognition for its place among the Great American Beer bars.

The Bier Stein earned first place as the best beer bar in the Pacific Region according to Craftbeer.com’s annual list of great beer bars.

Nearly 40,000 votes were cast by craft beer lovers for their favorites all across the US. Employees say people have been coming in all day excited by the news.

“First of all we have an excellent selection. We also have a really warm and welcoming staff and our new location is really warm and welcoming as well. We have great food so its kind of a holistic experience,” said Bier Stein Events Manager Jessica Allison.

Bier Stein says its starting to do bi-monthly brewers dinners with gourmet locally sourced meals. Managers will then pair it with Oregon brews.

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