Big RC Aircrafts Take to the Skies

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JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Folks in Junction City could look up and see some special aircrafts zipping around overhead Saturday.

On Saturday, the Eugene RC Aeronauts Club held its annual Big Bird Fun Fly where some of the biggest model airplanes around are invited out for a day of flying.

Club members said it’s a family-friendly activity that gives people a chance to experience what it’s like to be a pilot.

Some of the participating planes had a wingspan of more than 80 inches and zipped through the skies at speeds of 100 miles an hour or more.

More than 50 special aircrafts flew and flipped through the air.

“These planes fly the exact same way and with the same governing physical rules as a full-size airplane. The difference is we’re flying these things by remote control. So we’re flying them all by sight,” said Eugene RC Aeronauts President Brad Werneth.

RC pilots said all that’s missing is physical feeling of movement from being in an actual aircraft.

About 200 people made it to the event. Club members said if you’re interested in learning, you don’t need a plane, click here for more information.

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