Big Response at Last All-Day Toy Drive

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EUGENE, Ore. — Tuesday’s Toys for Tots toys drive response rivaled what we saw last week at the Mohawk Bi-Mart.

Since it was cold and drizzly for most of the afternoon, a popular form of donation was nicknamed “The Drive-by.” A lot of people just pulled up in front of the donation tent and unloaded bags of toys.

It’s an inspiring effort that filled up the donation bins quickly.

“The numbers are up for children and families without this year and I love doing it. Every child needs something to open from Santa,” said donor Terri Becker.

“Donate. There are kids always in need and this is a program. It all goes for them,” said donor Kathy Clayton.

In fact, it will go to them this weekend. That’s why it’s so important that we collect all the donations we can this week.

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