Bijou’s Downtown Theater Opens Saturday

EUGENE, Ore. — The Bijou Metro theater will finally open its doors to the public Saturday.

Owners say the original theater on 13th Avenue will remain open and show the larger, more marketable films, but this new spot will be special.

The new location will house four small theaters seating about 17 to 36 people a piece and focus on more challenging, niche-market films.

“Looking forward to getting people in here and showing them the 35 mm, which is really near and dear to me. So we’ll be running 35 mm film here all the time, so it’ll be a lot of fun. This will be the last batch of 35 mm films in the city,” said Edward Schiess, Bijou Co-Owner.

Things will start off at 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning. People can check out what films are playing on their website, which will launch early Saturday as well.

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