Bill Mandates Healthier Vending Machines

EUGENE, Ore. — A bill that could eventually mandate healthier snacks in vending machines in Oregon’s public buildings hit the House floor Thursday.

The amended version of Bill 3403 would create a 15-person task force to study how to offer more nutritious options in public buildings. Lane County health leaders say they support the bill.

“What we’re doing when we’re putting a vending machine a public building is that we’re using public space and we’re marketing snacks to public employees whose health insurance is paid for by public dollars,” said Jason Davis, Lane County health spokesman.

Davis says the bill is in line with other Lane County Public Health efforts.

There’s a local task force that’s looking at what vending machines offer in Lane County and how we can offer healthier options.


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  1. jason marks says:

    legislate walking your fat ass. past the machine.
    we don’t need laws. Most people can walk past a machine without stuffing their faces.

  2. Brian says:

    Jason is correct…..go walk.
    How about government stop “studying” and “task forcing” things to death? Is it that hard to educate yourself on nutrition and choose for yourself? He is an idea, government employees:
    Rent yourself a food cart, go down to the local farmers markets and purchase fresh fruits, veggies, and even get yourself one of those simple omelette makers, stock some fresh juice, and water, then sell your products to government employees. BINGO! No need to study anything, and no need to waste taxpayer money. Lane Co. Officials, and rest of you government knuckleheads should use common sense. If you don’t know about nutritious food and personal choices by now, then why are you alive, governing me?

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