Birth to Three Changes to Parenting Now!

EUGENE, Ore. — After 34 years of serving the community, a popular parenting education and support non-profit officially changed its name.

Birth to Three is a name that resonates nostalgia to 93,000 Lane County parents and children. Although the name itself has changed, long-time staff members say it’s the only thing that has changed.

A new name that better encompasses what the group does has been in the works for about a decade, but the name Parenting Now! was decided on after a strategic planning process two years ago.

The group, like many of the children that pass through or are currently in the program, simply grew out of its title. The nonprofit actually serves parents with children as old as 8 years old, so staff wanted a name that reflected that and one that emphasized what they specialize in parenting.

“For me, so far, it’s all been excitement and I do have a very soft spot, always will, for Birth to Three and it always is part of Parenting Now! At the same time, I’m excited about the change,” said Minalee Saks, Executive Director/Founder of Parenting Now!.

A new grant will allow them to fund all of the re-branding. Staff say the name is anything but gone though. They plan to honor alumni of Birth to Three by creating a then-and-now memory page on their website. To send in a picture, click here.

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