Biz Commute Challenge: Poker Walkabout

BUSINESS COMMUTE CHALLENGE PICEUGENE, Ore. — The Business Commute Challenge is happening all week. Monday, participants got their hands in on the action.

More than 90 people joined the Eugene Poker Walkabout on their lunch break. They walked around downtown and stopped at eight different businesses.

Along the way, they received different playing cards to bring back to the downtown LTD station where they started. Prizes were handed out to the best hand.

Coordinators say they hope people find the value in driving less and just enjoy themselves this week.

“Fun, number one. Fun and some good exercise. Two, see what the downtown Eugene has to offer. I mean, it’s growing, it’s changing, it’s really exciting,” said Marcia Maffei, Business Commute Challenge Coordinator.

To see a full list of events this week, click here.

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