BJ’s Restaurant Robbed

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police are still investigating the armed robbery of the BJ’s on Coburg Road late Saturday night.

The armed robbery over the weekend is not the first. McDonald’s just behind it was hit just a few weeks ago. That particular stretch along Coburg Road has seen a number of similar incidents since the year began, including a bank robbery back in March.

Neighbors said while they’re definitely worried for themselves, they can’t help but feel bad for the effect this could have on local businesses.

“For a business, business owners, I think it’s probably scary for them too because business might go down, and in the economy right now we need all the business we can get to come to places like that and when things like that happen, it kind of steers you to stay at home,” said neighbor Susanne Hanson.

When the robbery happened, BJ’s was already closed, but there were employees inside.

Neighboring businesses say they made sure to talk to their employees about staying safe while on the job, especially during closing hours. There were some nearby retailers who said they weren’t as concerned because they’re not open as late and don’t have much cash on hand like the two restaurants.

KEZI 9 News did reach out to EPD, but the detectives on the case were off Monday.

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