Blazers Fans React to Buzzer Beater

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EUGENE, Ore. — In a unbelievable buzzer beater the Blazers moved past the Houston Rockets Friday night.

That shot sent Blazers fans into a frenzy.

Pandemonium might be the best word to describe the win.

They erupted when Damian Lillard hit that last-second shot.

A number of people we spoke with were actually from Portland, just down in Eugene for the spring game Saturday.

One fan says advancing means a lot — as he remembers the 1977 national championship.

“I do remember that I was 16 years old I remember racing motor cross I was at the race track, heard the call on the radio everybody gathered on everybody gathered around the trailer it was awesome, and it was like a big party,” said Blazers fan, Jerry Anderson.

“Just to have a local team win to be in the national spotlight Portland doesn’t get a lot of attention it’s kind of in the northeast tucked away,” said Blazers fan, Derek Dewald.

“Blazer fans are some of the best in the nation I would say there’s so much passion behind all of them. You go to these games, you see these crowds everyone just going wild it’s awesome,” said Blazers fan, Kyle Telare.

This will be their first appearance in the second round of playoffs in 14 years.

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