Block Party Cleanup Begins

8-3 BLOCK PARTY CLEANUP PICEUGENE, Ore. — It’s the day after the big party and now it’s time to clean up.

About 40 organizers of the Whiteaker Block Party were out in full force Sunday morning taking down canopies and picking up trash.

Organizers say they work to keep the area clean by getting out early.

“Our main focus is the block that we were on. And then we sent teams out beyond the block that we were on so that we can kind of clean up the surrounding neighborhood too,” says Jason Vanderhaar, Whiteaker Block Party Secretary.

They say the streets were already pretty clean when they got to the area Sunday morning thanks to ample trash cans laid out.

This year they estimate between 8,000 and 9,000 people came out to the Block Party.

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