Jury Learns More About Cause of Death


EUGENE, Ore. — It was a new day of testimony in the double murder trial of Johan Gillette, the Eugene man charged with killing his father and his dad’s partner. On the stand Tuesday, a forensic scientist who examined blood spatter found at the crime scene.

Oregon State Police forensic scientist Traci Rose testified on various types of blood spatter and what it meant in relation to where the bodies of the victims were found.

Gillette is charged with murdering his father James Gillette and dad’s partner former University of Oregon School of Music Dean Anne McLucas. Prosecutors say he used a wrench to beat them, then used bleach to cover up his crimes.

Rose described five different types of blood spatter from the crime scene. She noted most of the blood on the walls wasn’t much higher than two feet off the ground, meaning the deadly blows would have taken place while the victims were on the ground.

Rose also testified on tests she did on Johan’s shirt and James and Anne’s clothing for blood and possible bleach. She testified those studies were designed to compare to a similar spray pattern, not to determine if it was bleach.

“In terms of determining the exact chemical composition, whether it’s 100 percent bleach or it’s some dilution of bleach, whether it’s bleach containing scenting agents or other adulterants, we don’t have that ability,” said Rose.

Rose testified it was possible to find a connection between the staining found on Anne’s clothes, spray on Johan’s shirt, and a spray bottle found sitting next to a bleach bottle in the laundry room of James Gillette’s home because the spray patterns were similar. She said her study showed the spray bottle created the same discoloration of fabric and pattern similar to what was found on Anne and Johan’s clothing.

The jury also heard testimony about James Gillette’s and Anne McLucas’ injuries.

Deputy State Medical Examiner Daniel Davis testified in court that both James Gillette and Anne McLucas died from blunt force head trauma. James died at the scene, and Anne died from her injuries while in the hospital.

Davis went into extensive detail on their injuries. He put together a PowerPoint presentation and 3D images of CT scans of James, Anne and their dog Jack’s injuries. The jury was presented photos of the autopsy as Davis went through detail of the cuts, bruising and fractures on James and Anne.

Both James and Anne suffered from multiple fractures to the skull. Prosecutors say Johan Gillette used a wrench to beat them, then used bleach to cover up his crimes.

James suffered from bruising and a crude cut above his left eye where part of his eyelid was torn off. Anne suffered bruising above both eyes and injuries to her forehead. Davis testified it was probably a man-made instrument that delivered the blows.

“I can’t rule out that this might not be multiple blows that caused this, but except that this might be one blow from a heavy instrument of a complex shape,” said Daniel Davis, Deputy State Medical Examiner.

Throughout a good portion of the medical examiner’s testimony, Johan remained with his head down in his hands.

Deputy District Attorney Stephen Morgan says the prosecution plans to rest Wednesday.

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