Blue Garbage Trucks Going Green

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Republic Services’ blue garbage trucks are going green. The waste hauler is hitting all five “Rs” in its motto, with its recent decision to shift its truck fleet to compressed natural gas, or CNG.

It’s a much cleaner burning fuel than the diesel and bio-diesel combination that the trucks currently run on. It’s a responsible move to protect the environment.

“CNG has a benefit of about 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions compared to diesel,” said Western Oregon Republic Services General Manager Gary Blake.

The shift will also be respectful to the residents it serves. The trucks will be much quieter.

The company, which merged with Allied Waste in 2008, depends on foreign fuels to run their garbage trucks. It says the shift will be a resourceful way to deal with fuel prices down the road.

“Benefit is fuel prices are certainly more stable than what happens on the world oil market,” said Blake.

Republic has converted to CNG in other cities, but this will be a first in Oregon, continuing the company’s reliable reputation of firsts in the city of Corvallis.

“We do have a long track record of introducing innovative new methods in recycling and waste collection. This piggybacks onto many of the firsts we’ve done here in the area, including curbside collection and food waste collection,” said Blake.

The trailblazing waste hauler isn’t stopping there. It’s on a relentless mission to spread the green effort.

“We’re frankly looking forward in future years to converting other locations in Oregon with CNG as well,” added Blake.

Trucks will be running their routes on compressed natural gas by the end of the year.

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