Board Members React to Failing Bond

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JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — The Junction City school board asked for more than $32 million in bonds for this year’s November Special Election. That would have raised taxes on a $180,000 home by more than $400 each year.

Voters overwhelmingly turned down that request, with 64 percent saying ‘no’ to the funding as of Wednesday morning. The money would have been used to replace Laurel Elementary School and address safety and security in schools. The district would also have replaced the grandstand and lights at the high school. While school board members say they’re happy with the number of people who turned out to vote, the results are disappointing.

“It did surprisingly bad actually. I was stunned at the number of no votes that were there,” says Junction City school board member Denise Pratt.

As for what’s next, the school board members say they will have to regroup because the needs of the aging schools won’t go away.


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  1. mark jones says:

    It was too much money. School board has a disconnect when thinking what $400 means. You don’t just want to replace the school, you throw in the kitchen sink and hope to get that as well. It just isn’t fiscal conservatism at all. What the board did in effect was try and raid the bank.

    People resent that, I don’t know why that is such a great mystery. But shows you what is wrong with elected officials, even at the school board level.

  2. James Scorzelli says:

    I definitely agree with them “re-grouping”. they should be ashamed for hitting up property owners again for a fiscal problem that is not owned locally. Its the state and federal dollars that are missing here, not the townspeople’s.

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