Board Reacts to County Investigation

EUGENE, Ore. — Just a day after Lane County announced it’s seeking an investigation into its county administrator, there’s already a lot of feedback and confusion from the community. Commissioners say people have questioned the investigation into former County Administrator Liane Richardson. She took voluntary leave after an employee raised concerns about how she was handling her own pay.

Richardson emailed the board saying she’d been converting her paid vacation, sick leave and deferred compensation to immediate payments. When an employee questioned the matter, it was discovered she’d exceeded the maximum amount for the year. County counsel Steve Dingle has been appointed to hire an outside investigation team, while Commissioner Patt Farr says this is a process that they take seriously.

“It’s an opportunity for us to demonstrate to the public that as a county commission we are able to take care of even the most difficult situations that arise and that we are going to uphold the public trust and the public confidence in the job that we’re going to do,” Farr said.

The outside investigation is expected to be finished quickly, and the report will then be delivered and deliberated by the board on August 6.


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  1. quasimodo says:

    yeah I am thinking letting a public employee write their own paycheck isntsuch a smart thing to do lol the older I get the worse I cant stand public employees they do what they want when ever they want give crappy service treat the publlic like crap and there is no recourse for their actions

    there needs to be laws passed that hold public employees accountable for their actions and if they cost the tax payers money because they violate their job discription by letting their personal agendas controll the out come oftheir public employment then they should flat lose their pension

  2. jack.the.lad says:

    hmmm, yes, the county government and both police departments live by their own set of rules than what the rest of us have to live by. EPD keeps hiring sex offenders and SPD apparently has misconduct on the top of their to-do list and lying to cover up what ever it is they do in that pretty new office of theirs. The trust is gone. There needs to be a giant sweep of terminations throughout all the government agencies around here. And I agree, what keeps the majority of people in these jobs for years and years, is the unions. However, anyone in a management role does not have a union behind them. They have their own superiors they answer to.

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