OSP Cites Boat Captain

Brookings_port_pollution.2BROOKINGS, Ore. – Oregon State Police cited a commercial crab boat captain for water pollution in the first degree following an investigation, last week.

OSP says the boat captain dumped an estimated 5,000 pounds of rotten, skinned mink carcasses into the water at the Port of Brookings.

Troopers say during the night of April 1, Charles Case, 48, of Brookings, and the crew of the commercial crab boat “Ann Me”, allegedly dumped carcasses into the port waters.

The next morning, the Port Manager contacted law enforcement and the Department of Environmental Quality to determine who was responsible for the dumping.

Port of Brookings workers began removing the rotten mink carcasses from the port waters. Over the weekend port workers had retrieved around 3,000 pounds of carcasses.

Case was cited and faces one charge of water pollution in the first degree, a felony.

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