Boaters Back on the Water

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NEAR EUGENE, Ore. — ¬†As Memorial Day weekend approaches boaters are back out on the water after a tough season at Fern Ridge Reservoir.

Last year the low water levels made it difficult for boaters to get out on the water — but it’s a different story this year.

The docks are full — and marina caretakers say there aren’t many spaces left.

Last year rain fall was 14 and a half inches below average but now reservoir levels are close to capacity.

And so boaters raising their mast and getting back on the water and coming out this Memorial Day weekend in full force.

“This year is looking very good we have the lake absolutely full they’re able to maintain that with the late spring rains we had and expect that we’ll be sailing right up probably into October,” said boater Terry Ney.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be a holiday. Of course in July you have July 4th, then we have the Oregon Country Fair. People book a year in advance. And I have a waiting list for even just a couple days for this weekend,” said Richardson Point caretaker, Sarah Ward.

Sarah Ward says Lane County parks had to give some refunds last year to season moorage holders, but that’s not the case this year.

Boater Terry Ney says it’s therapeutic to be out on the water — and is glad the boating season is back.

He says he’ll be out here with this holiday weekend and expects to see crowds.

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