Bohemia Mining Days Gets Ready to Open

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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — If you’re looking to take a trip back in time, there’s a living history festival taking shape in Lane County.

Organizers are putting the final touches on Bohemia Mining Days in Cottage Grove.

It starts Thursday at 4 p.m. The theme this year is Swindlers, Scoundrels, Liars and Cheats.

Organizers were busy putting up the walls Wednesday that act as the backdrop, and thus create the mining town look.

Part of the festival will focus on the worst swindle to happen to Cottage Grove, in 1923 when a pastor took money from its citizens claiming there was a huge lake of oil underneath the city.

There will be dozens of vendors and entertainment. There are three locations this year–Bohemia City at Coiner Park, the carnival at Bohemia Park, and the Downtown District home to the city’s museums.

“We are really trying to make it more of a heritage festival, and so to do that we wanted to link with our museums. So we have a rubber tire train called the BMD express that’s going to connect those three venues,” said Cindy Weeldreyer, Bohemia Mining Days ambassador.

This is the 50th anniversary for the breakfast at Bohemia Mines on Sunday. Usually more than 1,000 people attend, and the money raised goes to charity.

Cottage Grove’s mayor says it’s important not to forget about the history of the places in which we live.

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