Bomb Scare Suspect Faces Federal Charges

November 18, 2010

By Jeff Skrzypek

EUGENE, Ore. — The Corvallis man who allegedly called in the bomb threat that shut down downtown Eugene will not only face charges from the city but federal charges too.

Earlier Wednesday, Patrick Smoly only faced a charge of disorderly conduct for the four-hour ordeal he’s accused of starting.

But now the FBI is involved, and Smoly faces a federal charge too.

The FBI says Smoly is accused of using a telephone to threaten to bomb a federal facility.

That’s in addition to the disorderly conduct charges Eugene Police filed against him.

Investigators say Smoly parked a white van in front of the post office on Willamette Street, called the post office, and told a worker inside he would blow the van up.

It was a big incident that would have resulted in a seemingly small city charge.

“Well you would think so because it’s kind of an inconvenience to so many people, but really the only charge that fits city-wise is disorderly conduct,” said Sgt. J.R. Webber, Eugene Police Department.

EPD says disorderly conduct is the only city charge because Smoly didn’t physically hurt anyone or actually have any threatening materials.

The FBI is now taking over the investigation.

Smoly is currently in the Lane County Jail.

A U.S. attorney is prosecuting this case.

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