Both Sides of GMO Issue Rally in Medford

GMO rallyMEDFORD, Ore. — Two rallies on both sides of the GMO debate were only separated by about an hour Tuesday morning in downtown Medford.

Supporters of Measure 15-119, which would ban the growing of genetically modified crops in Jackson County, hit the streets across from Medford City Hall around 10:30 a.m. Supporters chanted and waved signed asking people to vote yes on the ban.

Organizers of the rally said they were being backed by many Rogue Valley farmers.

“The support has been great,” said Elise Higley. “It just shows you everyone who’s out here. They’ve been honking nonstop this morning. We have over 150 farms signed on in support.”

At noon, groups opposed to the measure held a press conference in front of the Jackson County courthouse.

They claimed supporters of the ban were being swayed by strong emotions, instead of science about GMOs. The group was supported by members of the Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Seed Council and Oregon Cattlemen’s Association.

“Getting this education out to these people to they vote on facts instead of emotion, it’s extremely important to Oregon agriculture,” said Tracey Liskey of the Oregon Farm Bureau.

Both sides said they will keep reaching out to voters in the final week before the election.

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