Boy Helps Catch Thief

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EUGENE, Ore. — A 12-year-old Eugene boy helped catch a criminal, and Thursday he got a very special treat.

Hunter Day was hanging out at a park near the Eugene Winco when he noticed a man hiding in the bushes and alerted a nearby police officer. It turned out the man had just shoplifted from Winco and police thought they lost him. Because of Hunter, the man was arrested, and Hunter got to meet the chief.

Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns says it’s so nice to see anyone who has a sense of duty to help their community.

Hunter then got a personal tour in a police car and through the headquarters by both of the arresting officers he helped that day. Hunter’s dream is to become a police officer.

“I felt good I was scared at first but then I felt good,” Hunter said.

“It’s good for us to reward a guy like Hunter who is so excited about police work and someday wants to be a police officer to reward just that service that he is exhibiting as an example for all of us,” Kerns said.

He was definitely the celebrity at EPD. Officers kept coming up to him and thanking him for his efforts.

The arresting officer says she can’t remember a time where a kid helped them in such a way.

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