Boy Seriously Hurt Crossing Main St.

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Emergency crews rushed a 12-year-old boy to the hospital after he was hit while crossing the 5000-block of Main Street.

Springfield police immediately shut down the road and started to reconstruct the accident.

Officers say the boy was in the marked crosswalk when the 21-year-old driver hit him, causing severe head trauma.¬†They say they don’t believe alcohol was a factor.

Police and residents say this area has a history of bad wrecks involving pedestrians.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    I sure wish people would be more careful! Hopefully he survives.. I feel bad for the driver too, i can only imagine what he/she is feeling at the moment

  2. Emily says:

    how the HELL do you as a driver not notice flashing yellow lights and a child walking acrossed the street?? i mean helloooo they are right in front of you, you have your headlights on…. if alcohol wasnt a factor have they ruled out whether or not the driver wasnt paying full attention due to texting while driving or on the phone without a hands free device???? these types of situations are why those laws were put into effect.

    We will be praying for the boys family and himself, best wishes and hope he is ok.

  3. EE says:

    This spot has been the focus of efforts to improve safety, and those efforts have been shot down by businesses and even police. Is it time yet to listen and care about more than just getting traffic quickly from point A to point B?

  4. Gail C says:

    WOW, that area is SO bad for accidents for pedestrians and bike traffic. They needed to do something about it before so many people are injured or killed!

  5. Harriet says:

    We needed help at this crossing for a long time. When the powers that be finally woke up they put in the most confusing, dangerous crosswalk they could come up with. The pedestrians have to take their chances with a bus stop, a very confusing exit from the bank (if you are traveling east), a tavern, and a very busy little store. They could have put the crosswalk east to the other side of 51st and a hand signal across 51st street. This was bound to happen, I’m so sorry it happened to a child.

  6. Anon says:

    Which is brighter, the sun directly in your eyes while it’s setting, or small blinking yellow lights? Instead of cross walks that stop traffic, why not just build a cross walk bridge over the road? Many cities, including portland have these types of cross walk.

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