Boy Scout Gear Stolen

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Just days before leaving for camp, a Boy Scout troop discovered that hundreds of dollars worth of its gear was missing from its storage shed.

Troop One in Corvallis shares the shed with a Corvallis church and with a Girl Scout troop, and it says that someone broke in a few days ago and stole $500 worth of its supplies.

“It was actually one of the adult leaders who came by and he noticed that the locks were cut and he entered the shed and noticed that some things were stolen,” said Andrew Langevin, 15, the troop’s senior patrol leader. “They took a couple action packers, they took some lanterns; they took our maul and our ax.”

The scouts say they feel like it is a violation against the whole troop.

“It’s our stuff,” said Philip San Romani, 13, assistant senior patrol leader. “Why would someone do that?”

But the scouts also say it is an offense against the 25 boys in the troop, who are working together to always be prepared for any kind of emergency.

“We learn how to treat the outdoors nicely,” Langevin said. “We never leave a trace. At least that’s what we learn. And we’re always prepared. That’s our motto. Be prepared.”

And even though the theft came off guard, it is something the troop is dealing with – as it has learned to always be prepared.

“It’s pretty awful timing but we’ve managed to get it all replaced so we’ll be good,” Langevin said. “It’s kind of a shock really. I mean the whole time I’ve ever been in Troop One, we’ve never really had much stolen. And it’s kind of just a big surprise; I never expected it.”

The troop is leaving this weekend for a week-long camp on the coast.  It has a fund it was able to use to replace the gear, but now if anything else happens, it might be short-handed.

“We work hard,” Langevin said. “We don’t deserve this in any way.”

The troop says a First Aid kit was the only thing missing from the Girl Scouts side of the shed. The church filed a police report, and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the Corvallis Police Department.

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