Boy, Struck by Car, Recovering at Home

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore –A Springfield boy hit by a car and hospitalized for more than a month is back home and talking about his recovery.

“Everything was fine and then this traumatic event happens and just spins your whole life upside down.” said Kaleb Oyervides’ dad, Woody Taylor.

12-year-old  Kaleb was struck by a car as he walked in a crosswalk on Main Street, in Springfield. The crosswalk lights were flashing yellow, but one car didn’t stop.

Kaleb then spent more than a month in the hospital. Now Kaleb’s back home and like most boys his age, enjoying his video games.

“I have been easing into school and some stuff,” said Kaleb. “I feel better to be home rather than being in the hospital all the time.”

Kaleb says he doesn’t remember the accident.

“I knew that I got ran over. The only thing I was scared about was if I going to live and what’s going to happen.” said Kaleb.

He’s making amazing progress. Kaleb must still wear this upper body brace to help his back heal straight. Taylor say Kaleb is doing some physical therapy and there is some brain damage.

“You really can’t tell a difference in his behavior and everyday demeanor, but if you know him really, you notice throughout the day he has issues with remembering things,” added Taylor.

ODOT says there’s a history of crashes in the area where Kaleb was hit , some have even been fatal. Kaleb and his dad hope this accident inspires the city to make even more changes to this area.

“There should be something else like a red light or something like a red flashing light which means stop and a minute off the crosswalk then it turns green,” said Kaleb.

“I think the number of children that have been hit and have died far outweighs the small price it would be to put a couple of footbridges in,” said Taylor.

Kaleb and his dad say they are grateful for all the fundraising. Kaleb says it’s pretty cool that people he doesn’t know have been helping him.

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