Boys & Girls Club Offers Daycare

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EUGENE, Ore. — All the snow left behind from Friday’s storm is causing more than just problems on the road. It’s left parents in a lurch, because they have to go to work and their kids don’t have school. So, while the Boys and Girls Club shut down due to the weather both Friday and Monday, staff members say they thought it best to open their doors to help out those parents forced to head back to work.

The group’s executive director Kassey Mosher says, “The snow is fun, but after a while, what do you do? We had a need. We had parents calling saying, ‘Our kids are going stir-crazy. We need to get back to work. Can you help?'”

And that’s why the organization decided to open its doors to parents like Audrey Cramer.

“I’m a single mom and I work full-time and I don’t get off work till five and sometimes I have evening commitments that keep me at the campus and it’s absolutely essential that I have good care,” said Cramer.

And she’s not the only one impacted by the cancellations. A local science program was seeing a disruption too. Staff with Thinkersmith also spent the day at the club, instead of the classroom.

“It’s really fun, but it’s also unfortunate. We had about 30 classroom presentations this week, so we had to adapt and mostly reschedule,” said Thinkersmith Operations Coordinator Bethany Thramer.

But while many adults were ready to get things back to normal, many of these kids couldn’t be happier.

4J fourth grader Ayden Lucas says, “My mom’s been really frustrated by all the snow, but the snow is actually kind of nice.”

They seem pretty glad to be out of school having fun with their friends.

Cramer says despite the headache it can cause, “It doesn’t snow very often in Eugene, so knowing my kids have a chance to play in it and enjoy it, is nice.”

The organization had 45 kids by noon on Wednesday and expects that to increase if the school closures continue. Staff members say they plan to stay open during school closures. The cost for the day is $15 for members and $36 for guests. The price includes breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.

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