Bozievich Widens Lead in Commission Race

EUGENE, Ore. — Despite only being separated by a few votes — Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich says he will retain his seat on the Lane County Board of Commissioners.5-23 bozievich

Newly released numbers showed he increased his lead over Dawn Lesley, from 45 — to 85.

Here’s the numbers: Bozievich has 50.16 percent of the vote, Lesley has 49.60 percent.

Commissioner Bozievich says he’s relieved but can’t quite relax yet, celebrate or even appreciate the victory until the numbers have been certified.

Commissioner Bozievich nervously watched the results at his watch party Tuesday night.

He says he still hasn’t been able to get much sleep.

Commissioner Bozievich says it’s been stressful not knowing what his future holds but he’s also disappointed in the low voter turnout, which was about 30 percent.

“One of the things that I look to in the future is how do we re-engage people with the political process in Oregon and in Lane County,” said Bozievich.

Lesley put out a statement Friday saying: “While the updated results are not what we wished to see, there are ballots that remain to be counted, those identified by the Elections Office as “challenged ballots.”

Voters notified that they submitted a ballot that has been challenged have 14 days to address the challenge and have their vote counted. This race remains close and we are a handful of votes away from a runoff election in November.

My top focus at this point is to ensure that all votes are counted and counted correctly in order to ensure that the residents of West Lane County are heard and I am confident that Commissioner Bozievich shares my desire to ensure that every West Lane County resident who cast a ballot is heard.”

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